Jesus is the ultimate in power, glory, authority, and importance in all things. Jesus’ supremacy over all is developed biblically primarily in Hebrews and Colossians. In our world today, pluralism has become the dominant philosophy. Our schools, universities and other higher levels of education are becoming the centre for the spread of these philosophies with some believing that there is no absolute truth.

From the teaching of Jesus in John 14:6-7, we conclude that absolute truth can be known because the absolute has become concrete in history in the person of Jesus (see also John 1:14, 18).

The claim of Jesus in John 14:6-7 is so strong and powerful that no other religious leader or person has ever made such proclamation. He insists, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life.” But Jesus is not only saying He’s the way to heaven, He’s also saying that He’s the only way, that you cannot get there any other way, because they all fall short.

You cannot get to the Father by being good. You cannot get there by being religious. You cannot get there by being sincere. You cannot get there by ceremony or knowledge or pedigree. There is no other way than through Him.

In John 14:6, Jesus does not merely point the way, He is the Way. Jesus does not just teach us the truth; He is the Truth. He does not represent one avenue to life; He is the Life. This is an exclusive claim that cannot be compromised. In a word, the human quest for God ends in Jesus Christ. Embrace him and your joy will be complete.