Precious one, come with me this week as we engage ourselves with the essence of God’s inexpressible and manifold wisdom which he has made known to Gentiles, of which Paul posits that, “it is the glorious riches of the mystery” that through the church, God has chosen to reveal and demonstrate his eternal purpose that He accomplished in Christ Jesus our Lord”.

When one believes in the Gospel and allows Jesus into their hearts (John 14: 23), one enjoys a union with Christ. This divine union is what Paul calls a “mystery” which was hidden from the Old Testament saints but has now been graciously revealed in our time. In fact, the prophets and the Old Testament saints were yearning deeply to experience this divine and glorious union Christians now have with the Lord Jesus but never got. Our union with Christ is the restoration of the fellowship man lost when Adam disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden. God formed man in his own image and likeness but Adam’s sin deformed man and Christ came to reform man by His death and resurrection.


You must understand that because of our faith in God’s son, Jesus Christ, the triune God has taken residence in us and you have the fullness of his divine nature and power. You are a container of the Triune God, full of glory and grace halleluiah!