The love journey of Isaac and Rebecca started on an exciting note. They had never met or talked to each other before. They did not even get the opportunity of knowing the nature, likes, dislikes, interests etc. of the individual they were committing to for a lifetime. The beauty of their story however is that God was at the centre of their decision to commit to each other.

There comes a time when you have to make a choice to love and be committed to one person for the rest of your life. Make sure you do not turn down the opportunity to love and marry a good person based on flimsy excuses. Remember, it is not about ‘butterflies in the stomach but rather the more important attribute of love as we learnt in our previous devotion. After this decision, you must work hard to remain faithful to that choice. You must also work on growing that love through your actions and inactions. Isaac and Rebecca had their fair share of challenges, one being the challenge of conception, but they stayed together till the very end.

Love demands a lot of sacrifices, and only those who consciously choose to love can live up to these demands. The changing seasons of life sometimes take couples through turbulences that attack their love, but those who make a daily choice to love can survive every storm. God is love and the author of marital love, and we cannot truly love outside of him. You need his direction in choosing your marriage partner and in staying in love together. This crucial life decision should be taken prayerfully.