Some parents and caregivers spend lots of resources and energy to ensure that their children get the best education. In addition, thousands of cedis are spent on the healthcare of children. Some parents send their children to the best hospitals for care. Others take time to call teachers to check on their wards’ academic performance and also examine their homework books to see their progress.

In Luke 2:52, we find that Jesus grew in four main areas. They are cognitive (wisdom), physical (stature), spiritual (favour with God) and socio-emotional (favour with men). This implies that our effort to train children should ensure that they increase or get better daily in these four areas.

From the discourse, it is obvious that one area that we are often not intentional, putting in as much effort as physical and cognitive, is spiritual. Spiritual development entails all the activities carried out to ensure that children grow in their faith walk with Jesus.

Here are a few steps to help children grow spiritually:

–           Make time to talk about your faith in Christ with your children

–           Point to them changes in your own life as a result of your faith in Christ

–           Let children see your passion and seriousness about the things of God

–           Make children active partners in your family devotion, giving them opportunities to lead sometimes

–           Visit Sunday School sessions to observe what your children are doing

–           Help them to make personal devotion a daily habit.