Verse 43 of today’s reading states, “Jesus sent him away at once with a strong warning: ‘See that you don’t tell this to anyone…” Jesus knew that publicity over such miracles might hinder His mission and divert public attention from His message. On the contrary, some Christians turn to do otherwise.

Jesus demonstrated to us that God uses miracles to win souls unto Himself and not for men of God to use miracles to become popular or draw men unto themselves. Also, Jesus did not focus so much on the miracle as a springboard for what He was capable of doing. Jesus did not want to be popular by the leper trumpeting the miracle but God used His own mechanism to draw a crowd to Himself.

Jesus did not want people to focus on the miracles He performed, but rather the focus should be on the message He proclaimed.

In the same vein, God would rather want us to focus on His word which in itself has enough power to produce every healing we may need. It is the Holy Spirit that convicts people and thereby leads them to salvation through Jesus Christ and not the healings and or the miracles.