Purity is a virtue that has to do with abstinence and being morally clean in thought, words, and actions. In today’s Bible reading, Apostle Paul cautions the believers in Thessalonica about the danger of sexual impurity and urges them to behave in such a way that will please God. The Thessalonian Christians needed this truth of the Word of God to stay true to the calling they had received as Christian believers. Like the Thessalonian believers, we need the teaching of purity in our day and time. With time, holiness is fast becoming a scarce commodity. The prevailing social culture seems to be preaching another gospel that believers can fulfil all desires of the flesh and still be holy since grace is available. Cohabitation is winked over as if it is not wrong.

Gender redefinition, indecent dressing, orgies, the practice of having a “side chick” among married people, indulgence in pornography among Christian young people, and masturbation seem to be on the rise. In such a filthy environment, it is difficult to please God. Yet the Word of God remains in place: God has not called us for impurity but holiness (1 Thess. 4:7). As believers we must have a purpose to please God in all our doings. We have a charge to keep, we have a God to glorify. As intimated by Apostle Paul, the will of God is for Christians to control our bodies in holiness and honour. It is, therefore, required of us to live a life of self-control.