Our bodies are the vessels through which we manifest God’s glory. There cannot be a human being without a body. As young people, our bodies grow with significant changes. A predictable sequence of physical changes occurs both in males and females transiting from childhood to youth age.

This includes changes in body proportions, rapid skeletal growth and appearance of hairs in the under arm, on the chest, and private parts. At this time, boys widen in the shoulders and develop thicker muscles, they begin to experience break in voice. Girls expand in the hips and experience enlargement of breast with the onset of menstruation.

All these changes come with the need to give special attention to the body such as eating well, sleeping well, etc. so we can grow healthily. Physical exercise also helps us immensely in our quest for healthy growth. In 1 Timothy 4:7-8 Paul reveals that physical exercise is of some value. That value must be tapped wisely. Engaging in keep fit exercises, occasional games, and rigorous activities help in this case.

In Youth Ministry, as part of our holistic development mandate, we organize occasional health education at the various levels, you may take advantage of this too.

Our bodies are important to the Lord – it is God’s temple and we must take good care of it!