In the process of building on the solid rock where the foundation, materials, and the way to build have been established, it is also important to know the blueprint (the building plan) so that we can determine how the building should look like when finished and also to pull ourselves on the right way when derailing. The blueprint always serves as the guide for the building and motivates us to persist when the going gets tough with the end in mind. According to the Scriptures above, the blueprint that we are supposed to look at is our Lord Jesus. We as the temple being built must end up becoming like Jesus Christ in character, nature, and power. “For those he foreknew he predestined to be conformed to the likeness of His Son”. God has planned long before the foundations of the world that we should become like Jesus Christ. Our gaze should always be on the blueprint if we are to build accordingly. 2 Cor. 3:18 confirms that as we continually gaze at Him in building, we would be transformed into His image gradually.

Jesus Christ has become the foundation (the beginning) and the completion of the building. This is the greatest privilege ever given by God – for men to become like His Son. I think angels would wish for such an honour. What do we make of this? We must do all we can to relentlessly finish the building by becoming like Jesus our Lord. It looks humanly impossible but with God all things are possible. Do not give up. Keep building. He is our strength. We are confident we shall be like Him when He appears.