Before one starts building on the solid foundation after gathering enough materials which is the word of God, the Christian has to make sure they are building as wise builders. Lots of building materials could be wasted and yet not achieve success if we don’t build wisely. Also, failure to build wisely could result in the absolute collapse of the entire building at the strike of a storm. Jesus clearly taught us how to build wisely without any ambiguity. Gathering materials is not equal to building. After reading, studying, meditating, and listening to the word of God, Jesus taught that we only become wise builders when we put the word to work as James admonished. The moment we become doers of what we have learnt from the Word of God, then it means we are building wisely. This means that any word of God we put to work builds us in such a way that no flood or winds (the gates of Hell) can put us down.

Knowing the stand of the Word of God yet involving yourself in corrupt practices, walking in hatred, lying, cheating, slandering, etc. means you are not building wisely. We can put up a strong building simply by being doers of the word of God. Decide to start today. Regardless of the consequences, be a word practitioner. It will not be easy because you will face lots of hard times practicing the word of God but at the end you will have a very strong building that no storm can collapse. I think this is what made Jesus a success on earth. We can do it. You can be a wise builder. Let us do it.