God had a plan or objective (purpose) that was fulfilled by the birth of Christ. His salvation plan for a sinful humanity was fulfilled in Christ, who left the indescribable heavens to sinful earth with this purpose. This set objective, as stated by the angel Gabriel, was to “save His people from their sins”. Hence, right from eternity, God had a plan to save fallen mankind. Christ’s special assignment on earth was the salvation of mankind. Christ’s mission is to save sinners with the purpose of preparing us for Himself as a pure bride without spot or wrinkle (Ephesians 5:26-27). Jesus’ purpose is to rescue mankind from Satan’s power, destroy the works of the devil, restore our fellowship with God and give us eternal life. These are all constituents of the salvation package for mankind.

Every child of God must run with this purpose by preaching the gospel to bring all to the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Christmas season reminds us of this urgent call to evangelize. It is not a time for funfair, but to ensure that all people around us come to His marvellous light. This is the special assignment He left for us: The Great Commission. How serious are you taking this great assignment? Preaching the gospel and making disciples of all nations (tribes) is our mandate. Do not neglect this task to a “department” in the local assembly called the evangelism team. It is for all; it is our mission. For this purpose, Jesus was born and He died as well.

Aside this general purpose, God created each one of us with specific purposes that we must fulfill in this life. What is your life purpose? Live purposefully. A life of purpose is to be concerned with what you are on earth for and pursue it. A life without purpose is life in darkness. Christ was purposeful in His life on earth. What about you?