The Collins English Dictionary defines a servant as a person employed to work for another, especially one who performs household duties. For the sake of our devotion, we will prefer bondservant to a servant. According to Dictionary.Com, a bondservant is a person who serves in bondage as a slave. He is bound to service without wages.

The Greek word, “dulos” defines a bondservant as one who is devoted to another to the disregard of one’s own interest. Generally, a bondservant is one who has sold out his rights, privileges, will, emotions, desires, power, and authority to his master and does only what the master says.

In the Old Testament, the Lord instituted a law concerning how servants will have their freedom after serving for a specified period. They were to serve their masters for six (6) years, and on the Jubilee year, which is the seventh year; they were to be set free. If the servant plainly says he loves the master and his family and will not go out free, then the master will bring him to God, and he shall take an awl and push it through his ear lobe into a doorpost, and he will become his servant for life.

Apostle Paul knew this mystery when he said that he was a bondservant of our Lord Jesus Christ. He gave up his freedom, will, passion, and right and lived for Jesus Christ all the days of his life.

As stewards of God, we should see ourselves as not just servants but bondservants who have sold out all our rights, privileges, and authorities to Jesus Christ our Master.