Self-improvement has enormous benefits for us. In Luke 2:52, Jesus’ development made him gain favour before God and men.

Let us look at some other benefits that come with self-improvement:

● It builds self-confidence: In Acts 2:14, Peter had undergone spiritual development through the infilling of the Holy Spirit, after waiting in the upper room. Peter, who had denied Jesus due to fear, then had great self-confidence to speak to the crowd.

● You become a blessing to many: In Philemon 11, Philemon’s life had been improved by God’s word and he became important to Paul’s ministry by his service. When our lives get better, we are able to help many others, becoming a blessing to them.

● Self-awareness: Improving ourselves helps us to be able to focus on ourselves as individuals and to be able to identify what our individual callings and giftings are. This enables us to be more focused and effective in pursuing our calling and vision, as seen in the life of Samuel in 1 Samuel 3.

● Greater resilience: In Daniel 6:10, Daniel went to his room to pray even though he knew that there was a law against prayer. He did this because he had been developed spiritually. He clearly showed us through his actions that self-improvement produces resilience against the challenges of our days.

● More fulfilling relationships: In Luke 2:52 and 1 Samuel 2:26, Jesus and Samuel’s self-improvement helped them to build fulfilling relationships with people. This is seen in them gaining favour with men.