From the passage above Peter and his colleagues had toiled all night and had caught nothing, yet they were not despaired as they were seen washing their nets at the shore and preparing for the next day probably.  Fishermen have some qualities which in themselves make good for Christian character. They are determined, patient, daring, courageous and above all hardworking. With all their intelligence and skills in fishing they had no catch to show for. However, after Jesus had used Peter’s boat He ordered him to let the nets for a catch.

Peter must have been surprised when Jesus took command of the ship together with the crew. Because Jesus was a carpenter by trade (Mark 6:3), and what do carpenters know about fishing? The rule for fishing in the Sea of Galilee or the Lake of Genneserat was that fishes are caught at night and in the shallow water and not in the daytime in the deep water. However, Jesus asked Peter to do what was contrary to all of his training, experience and skills in fishing. Peter simply obeyed the word from the Lord. The key to this obedience was his faith in the Word of God: “Nevertheless on the ground of your word I will let down the nets”. The result was unheard off in the whole fishing escapades lifetime of Peter. Obedience brings a lifetime investment and an overflow of blessings and breakthroughs in our lives.


As Christians let us try to take God at His word and live by His word. Oftentimes we are bereft with our experiences, skills and intelligence and try to live by them more than God’s word which must be obeyed to the letter. What are your skills and experiences that are making you to disobey God’s word? May we become like Peter who would obey and submit to the voice of the carpenter (Jesus), instructing him about new fishing methods.