We have already established the fact that suffering is part of the Christian life. The truth is that those who share in Christ’s suffering receive some benefits. Let’s consider some of them. Suffering helps us draw closer to the Lord. We often seem to grow most when we go through difficult times. Paul’s desire was to know more of Christ by drawing closer to Him through his suffering. Suffering strips us of artificial or temporal securities and forces us to dig more deeply into the Word of God to find peace and purpose.

It has been said that “when Christ is all you have, you find that Christ is all you need. ”Suffering reminds us that this world is not our home. Christians who live luxurious lifestyles will find it harder to long for heaven than those who do not. When life is comfortable, eternity is only a glimmer far in the future. But when Christians suffer persecution, poverty, and privation, eternity starts to become the brightest light in their lives. Often, Christians who suffer have an advantage in keeping their priorities straight.

Suffering prepares the believer for the future glory. The truth is that there is glory ahead of whatever we experience in life. Someone has said that, without a test, there is no testimony. After we have endured the test and sufferings, the glory of the Lord will be revealed and come with its own testimonies. The present sufferings can’t be compared to the future glory that will be revealed. It is your Christian duty not to faint when you are faced with challenges.