From today’s reading we saw that Jacob had to send Joseph to his brothers who were on the field pasturing the flock. Joseph was to see how they and the flock were doing and return with a report. Unknown to him, his brothers had moved further North from Shechem to Dothan, but he didn’t give up the search. Fortunately, he met a man who directed him to where his brothers were pasturing the flock.

From the narrative, it can be inferred that Joseph was humble, polite, and respectful. Though he was his father’s favourite he was not a spoilt child. He was available and willing to be sent on errands even to the people he knew hated him. He obeyed his father’s call to send food to his brothers on the field without excuse. Little did he know that it was to be his last moment with his father! Joseph was of much service and persevered in the things he did thus winning his father’s trust.


Humility is vital to a successful life as a youth because God exalts the humble. There is also the need for the youth to be available to be sent on errands by their mentors or superiors no matter how difficult the task may seem. The habit of giving excuses in order to escape responsibilities is not the best. It puts a dent on our trustworthiness as youth. Therefore, we need to persevere in every little assignment we are given and go the extra mile to achieve desired results. Again, love for service should be our hallmark because serving without expecting any reward in return is priceless. It rewards better than any form of monetary gain.