Joseph had ten older brothers and one younger one. Though their father Jacob loved them all, he loved Joseph the most. Joseph’s brothers hated him because of this. One day, Joseph had a dream where he saw that as they were binding sheaves in the field, his arose and stood whiles those of his brothers gathered around his and bowed down to his. Joseph narrated this dream to his brothers probably because he saw them in the dream. Immediately his brothers understood the dream to mean that he was either going to reign or rule over them. Joseph meant no harm, but little did he know that telling this dream to those involved meant more hatred for him. What Joseph saw in the dream also showed how God was going to supernaturally cause him to rise above his brothers! His brothers could not simply stand the thought of him ruling over them let alone support him to achieve his dream. 


God’s desire is for every one of his children to excel in whatever they do. He has put greatness in each of us therefore we should not settle for less. We should not make pride take the better part of us because of this. It is important that we keep record of what God has been telling us and know those that we share them (dreams and visions in life) with. The fact is that there are those who do not want to see us become better than them in life. There are those who will discourage us but there are also those who will encourage and guide us to make our dreams realities. May such encouragers come our way! Parents should also urge their children to be supportive of each other’s dreams and not to compete among themselves. Understand that if your brother becomes successful, you have also become successful.