Joseph had yet another dream. Though similar to the first, it was of a higher dimension. In a dream he saw the sun, the moon and eleven stars bowing down to him. Again, Joseph sought for an occasion where his father and brothers had all gathered and narrated the dream. However, instead of receiving the support of his father, he was rather rebuked by him. The meaning of the dream was clear beyond doubt that his parents and brothers will bow down to him. Jacob the father of Joseph hesitantly acknowledged the truth of this dream. Though he loved his son Joseph more than all his brothers, to bow down to the ground to him was something he could not wrap his mind around. Being a matured man, he spoke no further but kept it in memory to see how the dream will manifest. His brothers on the contrary grew from hatred to more hatred and then to jealousy.


Youth is the time to dream big. It is not the time to belittle yourself! Don’t let your age limit and discourage you but see yourself as going beyond what any member of your family has ever achieved. See yourself as being able to conquer the fears of your family with the help of God. Moreover, naturally people do not like to know that you will rule over or be greater than them especially when they think they are better off than you. Only few matured people can take it and help you make your dreams a reality. Therefore, do not be disappointed when people you thought loved you speak harshly against you and probably change their attitude towards you because of your dreams. Be encouraged by the fact that no matter their aggression against you, what God has revealed will come to pass for you.