Joseph’s elder brothers hated him because of the special love that their father, Jacob showed him. This hatred graduated to jealousy and subsequently thoughts of murder. We notice from today’s reading that when the brothers saw Joseph from afar they called him ‘this dreamer.’ They plotted to kill his dream by killing him physically and damping his body in a pit. They would then tell a lie that a wild animal tore his body into pieces. However, Reuben, the first son was not in support and thus wanted to find a way of rescuing him. He advised that Joseph should be kept alive in a dry pit. In Reuben’s absence, Judah came up with the idea that instead of killing someone who was their brother, their own blood, they should rather sell him out to the Medianite traders. Reuben thus returned to meet an empty pit and he was deeply distressed. They covered up their wickedness by cunningly presenting Joseph’s coat of many colours stained with the blood of sheep to their father. Jacob then concluded that Joseph had been killed by a wild animal.


Hatred when not dealt with ends up in murder in the long run. Make sure you deal with hatred otherwise you will end up a wicked person. We must be clear in our minds that there are dream killers who are disturbed by the fact that you are certain of becoming great in future. They aim at killing your big dream by all means possible but be sure that God will send an intervention. Though their plans will succeed to some extent, God will not only protect your life but will also use that same plan as a vehicle to reaching your destination! He will turn their wicked plans to your advantage. The conditions are to deal with hatred in your heart and live an upright life.