This week we will be picking some important lessons from the life of Joseph. He was a certain kind of youth. Therefore, we will discover the things that made him successful, his character and challenges or temptations. I trust that by the end of the week we will be challenged to be successful youth. The scripture above talks about how Jacob was connected to his father by living in the same land as his father did. Certainly, it is the land of promise that God promised to Abraham and his descendants. The story continues with Joseph, the teenager and how much Jacob his father loved him. Jacob loved Joseph more than any of his sons for the special reason that he was the son of his old age. Jacob made his favourite son a coat of many colours. His love for Joseph was too obvious and selective causing Joseph’s brothers to hate him. Thus, his brothers never saw the need to relate to him nicely. Joseph’s older brothers did not see the reason why he the younger one should be the most loved among them.


Some parents think that when they show too much love to their children, they will end up spoiling them but that is not entirely true. When love for your children leads to a dedication to teach them godly principles, they end up well in life. However, parents should try to show equal love to their children since being selective can attract hatred. The youth must also learn not to abuse the love of their parents by doing their best to bring them honour through their exemplary lives. Thus, as much as you yearn to be loved by parents, teachers, superiors at the workplace and the like be prepared also to withstand the hatred of others who think you don’t deserve to be loved.