It took humility for Joseph to remain a servant in the house of Potiphar for many years though he was treated as a prince in his father’s house some years back. He prospered in his master’s house and he showed no sign of rebellion or desire to leave. He was so focused on the work at hand that he did not want to go back to his family. Joseph though a stranger, took Egypt as his home and worked hard on everything that was put in his care. He showed that he was in charge of his responsibilities and worked at them as if the work was his own. He gave no excuses to failure and made sure that his master was comfortable. Thus Joseph gave no stress to his masters and made their work easier by being proactive. He studied and knew everything about his master’s work and also showed competencies in his ability to handle them effectively. Indeed, he was in charge and his master could go to sleep with him in charge.


A successful worker has their full attention on the job and how to improve their skills to make what he is doing better. Also his desire is to learn what his master does and do it so well that when his master is unavailable the work will not suffer. An effective worker instead of giving up turns possible excuses into a motivation to create innovative ideas and solutions. An effective worker works with little or no supervision and gives their master peace of mind.