This week we shall be studying about receiving new things from God as we seek to forget the former things and press on to the future for our heavenly call and mandate.

A little background into the text above shows that God through Isaiah gave a prophecy to the Israelites. The Israelites, who had been the Lord’s chosen, were held captive by the Egyptians for 400 years. They had been away from Israel for 430 years but their first thirty years were not in captivity.

God through His mercies delivered them from captivity. They were again held captive by the Babylonians when they disobeyed God.


It was through this that the Lord through Isaiah gave this prophecy. As they received this prophecy, they started thinking about how God had delivered them in the past. They had become so familiar with God that they started thinking for Him.

As Christians, sometimes we customize the ways and doings of God for ourselves. We feel we know Him and His ways too well. As Christians, we should be careful not to limit Him through our thoughts and experiences anytime He promises to come to us. We must always bear in mind that the ways and the doings of God are progressively discerning hence we cannot understand it all to the full.