A man and his wife walked through car garages looking for a car to buy. It was a beautiful sight, seeing fleets of cars and examining them. As they examined cars, they also asked for the prices. His wife noticed that the excitement grew as they examined the cars, but dropped when they were told the prices. In the end, they couldn’t buy any car that day. On their way back, his wife asked “but honey, we could have at least bought that white Nissan Serena? Her husband responded, “the price is too high; I am not ready to pay that much.”

The price refers to the ‘amount’ (money, time, energy, skills, etc) that one gives out to get what you want. The man and his wife did not go home with a car as they intended because they were not willing to pay the price. In Luke 14:26-28, Jesus said if you want to follow him, you must estimate the cost and be willing to pay it. Apostle Paul also encourages us to ‘press on’ in order to win the prize. To press on implies continually paying the price. There is a price for everything in life and things go to those whose are willing and have paid the price. What are your goals in life? What do you want to see God doing in your life? Here are some few steps to consider: be certain of what you want in all aspects of your life; determine the price- how much it will cost you; start paying the price now; rely on God’s grace and strength to carry you through.