Opposition is an unpleasant experience and yet it is the true test of one’s resolve to succeed regardless of what others may say or do. To be an exceptional leader, facing opposition should not be a surprise to you, rather it should be expected.

In our reading today, Nehemiah, a great leader, bemoaned the devastated walls of Jerusalem and was bent on ensuring its rebuilding as soon as possible. However, there were certain groups of people who were in opposition to this all-important move and were determined to stop Nehemiah and the Israelites from rebuilding their own broken walls.

In spite of the opposition, Nehemiah demonstrated a great sense of courage and mobilized the Israelites to rebuild their broken walls in a record time.


There are many victories to be won and great feats to be achieved in your call to leadership. Therefore, rise and take up your leadership role with the confidence and courage that God gives you.

People may hate your vision and others may go to the extent of attacking your personality, but do not let that cripple your vision. Focus on the One who has called you and the assignment He has given you and victory shall surely be yours.