Modesty is a form of humility. It is the outward expression of your inner self. One may ask how modest can you be, what did the Bible say about appropriate dressing? What’s acceptable and what’s not?

The modest dressing should not only be reserved for church attendance; it should be an everyday practice. The worldly women may say that when you leave the house, you have to prepare for a fashion show, one that will show off what you have and get attention from others. While there is nothing wrong with taking care of your looks, be wary of crossing the line and inviting lust from men instead.

Looking good doesn’t have to mean showing off skin or dressing elaborately. There are certain clothes that are designed to expose some parts of your body such as your cleavage, back or thighs but as a Christian, you should know better.

In the Bible, it is stated clearly that women must dress decently and modestly. Women must not take pride in wearing jewellery and accessories but instead, take pride in the good deeds they have done. This goes without saying that God wants women to clothe themselves with good works and not expensive clothes which are material in nature. A young Christian woman must always practice good judgement when dressing. Proverbs 11:22 says ‘like a gold ring in the pig’s snout is a beautiful woman who shows no discretion’. A truly beautiful woman must practice discernment because this shows that she can make good choices. Beauty may mean nothing if a woman cannot discern whether she’s dressing appropriately or not.

As a young Christian woman, you must dress based on your heart and not sensually. As a young woman, do not dress in a sexually attractive manner but be clothed with strength and dignity.