Contentment is a condition of the mind in which our desires are confined to what we enjoy without murmuring because we feel that what we have is inadequate or wish ardently for more. A person who is content is not envious of others. Being content does not mean you should not be concerned about your welfare or work hard to achieve your goals. However, contentment will teach you not to worry about many things or use unlawful means to acquire what you do not have.

The Bible admonishes us to add contentment to our godliness. If you are content with what you have, it means you are satisfied and happy with what God has given to you. People have entered into armed robbery, lottery, betting, drugs, etc. because they lack contentment. If you don’t appreciate God and thank Him for the little you have, it will be very difficult to appreciate Him when you have much.

As a young ambassador, it is possible that your parents may be struggling to pay your fees, or you may be seeking employment after school, but there seems to be no hope. It could be that your current employment seems not to be paying you well. It may be that you struggle before you get something to eat in the day or have two or three clothes you have been wearing and people have taken note of you.

You must not relax but pray and work hard towards your situation. That notwithstanding, do not use foul means to get money, employment or any other thing. Be grateful and appreciate the Lord. He will continue to give you the satisfaction that comes with contentment.