God-chasers are active participants in the faith and not passive onlookers. So long as they are involved, then they are concerned about their faith and what they are being taught. The early church, particularly the one in Berea, presents to the modern-day church an example of who the God-chasers truly are.

Unfortunately, there are many believers who are not grounded and are not interested in whether or not they have to grow in their faith so as to avoid being tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine. The Bereans were more noble than those in Thessalonica because for them, they received the word with all eagerness.

Today, some Christians trivialize the word of God and do not give it the respect it deserves. When it is time to listen to the word of God, that is the time for doing something else. Unfortunately, certain groups in our churches are noted for missing preaching time. Not so with the Bereans, who were ready and willing to hear the word of God as spoken by Paul and Silas who had been sent to them. They further took the responsibility and burden to examine the scriptures themselves to satisfy their consciences that indeed what was being preached by the men of God were in consonance with the scriptures.

God-chasers are not only consuming Christians but also reviewing Christians. They have a well-stocked Christian library with relevant materials that will aid their understanding of the word of God. They are careful not to assume a posture of a know-it-all attitude, but a humble and yet responsible attitude of ensuring that what they receive from the pulpit is truly from God and thus worth imbibing.