From generation to generation God always needs a medium through which his glory will be seen in the whole world. In God’s plan, His method has always been humans right from the beginning. God blessed the first MAN to be fruitful and multiply (Genesis 1:22).

After the scattering of God’s people in the whole world when they had decided to build the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11:1-9), God needed a man through whom He could portray His glory to all. He found in the family of Terah, Abram, who was graced to be a channel of blessing through whom the whole world will be blessed. In our reading we observed that after Abram’s election, God gave him his word “Now the Lord said to Abram” and out of obedience he heeded as the Lord instructed.

It is not enough to believe in God but you must position yourself to

obey everything He tells you, whether simple or complex.

As we comply with divine instructions, He himself will make us into a great nation causing his blessings to follow us wherever we are and since He has a great name; He will also make our name great. This week, see a bigger picture of what the Lord has made you and decide to position yourself well to be a channel of blessing to your home, family, friends, church, the nation and the world at large.