Marriage was ordained by God in the Garden of Eden. It was a beautiful union between Adam and Eve with God in the centre. Upon Adam seeing Eve, his exclamation depicted a truly satisfied man. He was well pleased that he made a prophetic declaration, “This is the bone of my bone, and the flesh of my flesh; she shall be called woman because she came out of man.”

When a couple is well fulfilled in life, their home breeds a godly environment. Their utterances are a blessing and not curses and insults. They complement each other and have nothing to worry about. You also realize that Adam was not threatened by the presence of Eve, his wife.

Many men these days feel threatened by the educational, ministerial, and even financial empowerment of their spouses. This sometimes makes some men hinder their wives from upgrading themselves fearing that their authority would be undermined. Let’s go back to the basics where mutual respect and appreciation prevailed.