The foundation of everything is key. The Christian faith has its foundation in the Bible. The New Testament fulfills the Old Testament. They complement each other. Most people erroneously ignore the very foundation. But the Bible asks a rhetorical question what shall the righteous do if their foundations are destroyed? (Psalm 11:3).

The Bible reading states that after God created Eve, “He gave her to Adam”. There was a handing over of the woman from a father figure to the husband-to-be. Adam did not just get up to take the woman and neither did Eve hurriedly go to Adam (man) to say take me to be your wife.


Some young men are reluctant to pay the right bride price to get married. Rather, they would want to enjoy all the rights and privileges that go with marriage for free. Some young ladies are cohabiting with men who have expressed interest in them to marry them. This is not good and must be stopped. If God Himself had to set the perfect example for us, then as Christians we must as a matter of need be willing to go through all the due processes in contracting marriage.