God in His own wisdom conducted the first marriage ceremony in the Garden of Eden. After God saw the need to create a help meet for Adam, He caused a deep sleep to fall on man (Adam).

Adam knew nothing about the creation of Eve, till she was completely ready to be married to Adam. Adam need not to ‘test’ her to know whether Eve was fertile or not. The issue of ‘testing’ to see whether a woman is fertile or capable of having good sexual intercourse is not biblical and thus very wrong.

Many young ladies have been disappointed after falling prey to such lies of deceiving young men. Hearts have been broken and soul ties entered into as a result of such acts. This has made once vibrant vision-filled ladies to lose focus and end their ministries prematurely.

Be wise woman of God and do not give in to such devilish ideas. Young man, please, learn to walk the true Christian path and stop deceiving the ladies out there in the name of love. True God kind of love waits and will be bold to say, “NO TO PREMARITAL SEX.” Be wise.


Would a Bible believing and Christian demand for sex before marriage?

* Have I considered the possibility of contracting an STI?

* What happens to my education should I get pregnant?

*What is the guarantee of being married to, after indulging in premarital sex?