Defining love has always been difficult. Many worldviews have influenced the definition of love. Today, we will be looking at some of the attributes of love.

Love is kind and patient. By this, it is certain that one cannot say he or she loves and not think of the good of their neighbour. The one who claims to love must certainly show kindness to friends and enemies alike. Also, patience is seen in love. In dating and courting relationships one needs to walk in patience so as not to do things reserved for the married. In marriage a spouse out of love must demonstrate great patience in order to bring the best out of his or her partner. Unnecessary and unhealthy comparisons will only turn to ruin the marriage.

Another attribute of love is being committed to unity and understanding than a desire to always win or appear right in all circumstances. We must learn that love would cause us to live in unison with the brethren rather than cause divisions. Also, there is no fear in love. Love dispels fear. When love exists among people, it takes away the fear factor. The fear of hurt, the fear of disappointment and insecurity are all dealt with when love is at work.