The people you look to, listen to, and walk with have a great impact on you. This is in consonant with the saying, ‘show me your friend and I will show you your character’. Character defines a person by showing certain traits and qualities that distinguish the person from others. Apostle Paul, in today’s Scripture reading, is admonishing believers to be mindful of associating with believers and unbelievers who practice various kinds of immorality. This is because there are spiritual and physical dangers associated with those who are not well grounded in Christ.

Ungodly associations soon corrupt our lives. An unbelieving-friend might see no harm in doing evil, walking in immorality, committing murder, or stealing. As you continue with such a friend, his perception soon becomes yours and, like them, you also begin to see no harm in such activities. This is how bad company eventually corrupts good character! It begins gradually and proceeds gradually until we are completely corrupted. Therefore we must be united only with people who share the same faith, belief, and morals with us as Christians. Bad company corrupts good character and we must not be deceived to trivialize that.