Do you appreciate your body? The human body is truly a wonderful, beautiful, and amazing thing. When you appreciate your body, you acknowledge all the vital things your body does for you every day, which keep you alive and healthy. So why, then, is our body the one area where many of us struggle to appreciate?

Many people can be hyper-critical of how they look in terms of their body’s size, shape and appearance. Some may feel they are just not simply good enough physically. We now live in a world or culture that is obsessed with appearance. While there is nothing wrong with us wanting to take care of ourselves and even wanting to look good, many of us go overboard with this. We tend to compare ourselves to others, making us feel like we are in constant competition. We forget that our ability to appreciate our bodies isn’t actually about how much we weigh, how tall we are, the size of particular body parts, how our skin looks, how much hair we have or anything else. Instead, it all has to do with how we feel about ourselves.

When you appreciate yourself, you will know the type of dress that fits you perfectly or the type of dress that makes you feel good. Sometimes due to imitation, people tend to wear clothes that are not meant for their bodies. The female body shape is based mostly on genetics and skeletal structure. We have the round (apple), pear (triangle), inverted triangle, rectangular (athletic) and hourglass shapes. So, you see that each of the shapes will have a particular design or style of cloth that will fit so well. What this means is that there is no need for you to wear a particular cloth that looks beautiful on an hourglass figure while your shape is round. You may look funny in it and may end up looking down on your body type. Some even go to the extent of going under the knife to get their preferred body shape due to their insecurities but that is not godly.

As a young Christian, you have to be an imitator of Christ and not the world. Appreciate God for whichever body shape you have. Be proud of it and look good in it, for we are fearfully and wonderfully made.