At any time, at all times; always, are but a few phrases that are used to convey hope to people. A friend, spouse or relation may want to assure you of his/her constant support by the use of these expressions. But often, they are not able to fulfil such promises because human beings are limited and our stock pile depletes with time.

All glory to God for being our ever present Father, at any time and at all times. He is omnipresent, hallelujah! Imagine having someone in this passing world who is the Rock of Ages, and who neither changes nor fades off. This is the reality of the God we serve. He is always there just as and when we need him.

This week’s devotion would deviate from the norm of the day; heartbreaks, disappointments, frustration and depression. It would usher us into the tangible manifestation of God’s presence with us and the immeasurable grace it bestows upon us. Keep hope alive, never despair, hold on tightly to the Lord for He is ever present with you. His words are Ye and amen! I don’t know what you are going through and who has disappointed you, I came to assure you that the ever-present God who is our present help in times of need is here for you. Just go boldly before him and pour out your heart unto him, I can confidently assure you that he is well able to answer.