EXPOSITION: Christians are not only heralds of Kingdom values but active agents in bringing these Kingdom values and principles to bear in their spheres of influence. Nehemiah became a leader at the time his people were bedeviled with so many maltreatments and injustices. They complained about debts, mortgages and bondage which overwhelmed them. The presence of Nehemiah brought freedom to the people. In like manner, Christians must see themselves as good seeds planted in every sphere of society to transform it. Today, we shall discuss Nehemiah as a model of how Christians can initiate change and bring about transformation in their domain of influence.

Our task, as good seeds, is to bring God’s reign to bear wherever we find ourselves. The regime of extortion prior to Nehemiah’s arrival catered for the luxury of the nobles but left the masses impoverished. The leaders observed with no concern as the poor mortgaged their lands and sold their children for subsistence and payment of taxes.

However, Nehemiah started a reformation that would end the exaction of usury and extortion of property from the poor. First, he called a meeting and appealed to the consciences of the nobles using the word of God. He then ordered the nobles to give back property they had confiscated from the poor and return what they had taken from them with interest.

Significantly, Nehemiah was a good example of the change he desired to effect among the ruling class. He forfeited emoluments and exercised restraint in acquiring properties due to the circumstances of the people. The high moral standards expected of a change agent demands sacrifice of comfort, benefits, fame and sometimes friends. Change is possible when change agents are themselves examples of the change they desire to effect. Let us sow the seed of change in our spheres however small it may seem.