Our beloved Apostle Peter exhibited a perfect confirmation of the saying, “It’s easier said than done”. Peter, when Jesus expressed that His disciples were going to fall away on account of him, declared that even if it was unto death, he would never disown Jesus. After this declaration, when Peter was actually out on the battlefield, he denied Jesus for fear of what the authorities would do to him (Matthew 26).

Does it mean that Peter did not mean it or told a lie when he declared his allegiance to Jesus the first time? I doubt this. On the contrary, I believe he meant it with all genuineness; however, he did not weigh how he was going to back his intentions with actions.

Sometimes, after hearing all the sermons on how to exhibit kindness in a God-Kind way, we accept it in good faith but fail at practicing it. The Bible says whoever hears the word of God and does not practice it, is like one who looks into the mirror and turns away, forgetting what he looks like. After you have known that it is God’s will to extend kindness to the undeserved, keep your body under and practice it. Let your knowledge go beyond profession to practice.

Here are some enablers that can help you to be kind in actions and in truth. First of all, hear and appreciate (understand) God’s Word through constant meditation, keeping your gaze on the Word. This is the hearer that Jesus likened to the seed that fell on fertile ground. Second, pray for the grace to exhibit kindness. In Peter’s example, Jesus, knowing that the disciples were going to fall away, warned them at the Mount of Olives to pray that they would not fall into temptation. Finally, walk in
the Spirit and do not gratify the desires of the flesh. Be willing to trust God and obey.