Acquiring knowledge and the consistent practice of learning is a quality that will make an individual rise to global relevance; lack of it will, therefore, make you unproductive.

Knowledge is a powerful tool that has the potential to transform and empower lives as well as society at large. The king of Babylon knew this truth and was ready to invest in the selected young men for three (3) years after which he would appoint them as officers and administrators of his kingdom. He realized that their eclectic skills and talents were not enough and for that matter, they needed to acquire the requisite knowledge to shape and make them increasingly relevant for the task ahead.


Our world is fast advancing, new trends are on the increase and knowledge is fast evolving. To become a relevant and influential leader, you must develop the habit of continuous learning to improve whatever area God places you. In doing so, many of the problems we are plagued with such as corruption, bad governance, ethnic conflicts, and poverty will be drastically reduced.