The abundance of knowledge and information in our world today can be partly related to social media. Consequently, sexually explicit contents, nude pictures and videos have also increased on this same social media handles.

These sexual explicit contents are very tempting and poses danger on all especially the youth. Sometimes, one is tempted to look at it or even download some of these videos. As harmless as this may seem, it has the tendency of corrupting your morality and character. Social media in its entirety is not a bad, nevertheless, it has very challenging to use because of the numerous unwarranted sexual adverts that pops up every now and then when using social media.

How do we respond and mitigate these challenges as Christians? In our first scripture reading, we saw how Daniel resolved in his heart never to defile himself with the king’s food, even in the midst of the pressure to do so. No fault was also found in him except in issues relating to his God. In this perverse generation, Christians are however admonished to effectively study the word and also pray fervently to remain resolute and grounded to withstand all threat and enticing sins posed by social media.