Just as a branch of a tree cannot bear fruit in isolation, the Christian cannot also be fruitful without abiding in Christ. Everyone that is a true follower of Christ must be united to Christ by faith and by that will derive grace and strength from Him in order to be fruitful. Jesus, in this passage, meant that He sustains the same relation to His disciples as a parent stalk does to its branches. This relationship is a union formed by believing in Him resulting from our dependence on Him and our need for Him.

We always have to acknowledge Him as our Saviour and Friend. We become united to Him in all our interests and have common desires with Him. It is a union of friendship and love; a union of weakness with strength; of imperfection with perfection; of a dying nature with a living Saviour; of a lost sinner with an unchanging Friend and Redeemer.

Jesus said, “without me, you can do nothing”. As the branches separate from the parent stock can produce no fruit and would immediately wither and die, so can Christians do nothing if separated from Christ. The expression is one, therefore, strongly implies dependence. The Son of God is the original source of life (John 1:4). He also, through His work as Mediator, gives life to the world (John 6:33). We, therefore, need to abide in Him so that we can continue to enjoy the grace to be