If anyone has an excuse for worrying in Philippi, it was Apostle Paul. His beloved and his Christian friends were not there to help them. We have no idea what Euodia and Syntyche were disputing about, but whatever it was, it was bringing division into the church. Paul then set the tone towards having peace and unity among brethren as another true sign of our walk with Jesus. From the spiritual point of view, worry is wrong thinking (the mind) and wrong feeling (the heart) about circumstances, people, and things. Worry is the greatest thief of joy. The antidote to worry is a secure mind. – “And the peace of God … shall keep [garrison, guard Like a soldier] your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus”. Paul then concludes that the three conditions that must be met for Christians to enjoy their peace are praying the right way, thinking the right way, and finally living the right way. As a dose, we must take this also on a daily basis.

As we journey along with Jesus in our hearts, may He cause us to experience His peace and deal with every anxiety and worry in our minds and in our hearts. Let us continually fix our gaze on the Lord to enjoy His perfect peace continuously.