Are there homosexuals in the Church? The answer is an emphatic, ‘YES!’ In a survey of over 400 people sampled, 64.75% of them believed that there are homosexual practitioners in the churches. 18.5% said they have once been homosexuals.

It is possible that those around us may be practicing homosexuality. We must be vigilant so that no one deceives us into it. Some use money, positions or gifts to win people into this lifestyle. You should be careful when someone of the same sex shows so much interest in you than what you see to be a normal fraternal relationship or makes sexy remarks about you.

Homosexuals may give you unnecessary attention and may always speak in favour of gays and lesbians though they may not sound to be one. They are liberal on issues of morality and show passion for homosexuals and masturbators. Some even profess to be Christians or even pastors. They will never disclose their identity until they have won your trust.

The Scripture admonishes us to be wise and not be yoked with those who do not love God. In the last days, many will come who will scoff at Christ and His Church. They will make sin cheap and disregard the sovereignty of God.

There are homosexuals all around and we must be ready to stand our ground and give them the gospel when they approach us.