The contemporary society is a sex craze society. Advertisements of almost everything from chewing gum to car washing bays have been given some sex appeal. Today’s world wants to make ‘sexy’ synonymous with ‘beauty.’

Causal or recreational sex is almost normal in our society and sex is an expectation in relationships. Society wants to water down the value of keeping one’s virginity until marriage. Unfortunately, the standards of the world have caught up with some Christians, but the words of Jesus are still relevant today that from the beginning it was not so.

God’s standards about sex have not changed. Any sexual activity outside legally heterosexual marriage is a sin against God and your own body. The Bible prescribes total abstinence before marriage and fidelity in marriage.


The world says this is impossible. Yes, it may be impossible for the natural man but with God all things are possible. We have the Holy Spirit who enables us to live a righteous and disciplined life. The Holy Spirit bears in us the fruit of self-control. Therefore, every born-again Christian has the ability to live a self-controlled life free from sexual immorality.

However, everyone is responsible for his body. You should not allow anyone to lure you into doing what you know is against the will of God because in the end, each one of us will answer for his/her own body