The word regular is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary in diverse ways.

1. Conducted, scheduled or done in conformity with established rules or discipline.

2. Recurring or functioning at fixed, uniform or normal intervals.

3. Orderly, methodical; regular habits.

4. Relating to the permanent standing military force of a state.

In view of the above explanations, you would learn that family quiet time is meant to be conducted in a scheduled manner as a regular habit. It should be cemented in the family as a permanent lifestyle. Every day of the week, you, as a young parent, should allocate a particular time and place to engage the family in quiet time.

Initiate the quiet time yourself. This calls for a great sacrifice because precious time has to be allocated to spending quality time with the Lord. You must do this on a daily basis (particular time and place). If you need to get to work or take the kids to school quite early in the day, you are encouraged to wake up early and spend some time with the Lord together with your family before going out to face the world. As we learnt yesterday, there is so much ’noise’ in the world (workplace, school, market etc.), so you need to find some quietness to hear from God. It helps you to commune with God and receive grace to face the day.