Singlehood can be defined as the state of being single, especially unmarried. There are various reasons why one may remain single, and this includes education and training, family issues, age and divorce. The Scriptures clearly tell you that there is a season/time for everything and that includes a time to be single. You are called to this season of singleness for a reason, and you must therefore enjoy that season of your life. The Bible describes both singleness and marriage as gifts of God (1 Cor. 7:7).

Marriage is a picture of God’s committed love and relationship with us and singleness on the other hand is a way to follow Jesus and devote influence, time, energy and relationship to help others in a way that the married people can’t. Both are legitimate paths to honour God and fulfil His purpose It is important to know the purpose of being single at a particular point in time so that you can fulfil God’s will for your life (Matt 19:10-12). One single group I know in the church has its slogan “singles” and the response is

“Our time will come”. Yes, surely your time will come, for it is just a season. In living a purposeful single life, know that marriage doesn’t automatically cure your loneliness, sexual desires or the need to feel loved. Don’t buy into the lie that another person will complete you, for only Jesus can do that because you are made to be in a relationship with Him. Lastly, know that every season of life is new and exciting, and you don’t have to wait for the season to be over before you enjoy it. God works through every season of your life and therefore you must enjoy your single life.