Apostle Paul stated that in the last days, men will be lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God. The love for pleasure is the root of many of the addictions we have. The increase in the consumption of alcohol, increase in the use of sexual enhancers, bribery and corruption and ‘sakawa’ are all in pursuit of pleasure. Unfortunately, these do not satisfy the human soul.

In Ecclesiastes, King Solomon tells us of his adventure in life. He set out to have a taste of everything that a man may seek pleasure from, such as wealth, alcohol, women, wisdom, folly, achievements, popularity, etc. and concluded that all is vanity.

Pleasure in life does not satisfy the human soul. Solomon’s father, David, discovered the source of everlasting pleasure and wrote about it in Psalm 16:15 that real joy is found in the presence of God and everlasting pleasures are found at His right hand. Those who can enjoy these are those who choose God above worldly pleasures.

Just run into the presence of God through prayer and word studies and discover real joy and peace even in the midst of turbulence.