There seems to be some silent war going on between Christians and kings or chiefs in Ghana particularly and Africa in general. This silent war has built an imaginary boundary where some Christians would not venture to cross over to bring the message of Jesus to the kings and chiefs of the earth.

A story is told of how a well-known queen mother dressed in her regalia was virtually prevented from entering the church in the days of James Mckeown. To the amazement of many church members, Mckeown allowed her into the church with the quote that the kings of the earth shall also come into the light of Jesus.

In recent years, the leadership of the church has launched a campaign of taking the gospel to the palaces.

Among the many divine duties assigned to Paul as an apostle to the Gentiles was also to carry the name of Jesus to the kings of the earth. Jesus in His physical absence spoke these words in a vision to Ananias when He needed him to baptise Saul of Tarsus and to commission him.

Possessing the nations includes carrying the gospel to the palaces of the world and influencing them with kingdom values like selflessness, humility and honesty.

We must not discriminate with the gospel and build imaginary boundaries against the kings and the traditional rulers because the blood of Jesus is potent enough to cleanse them and separate them from any fetishism and idolatry.