The New Creature in Christ (born-again, Spirit-indwelt human spirit has powers, abilities, and resources it never had before. You are now called “Son/daughter of God” because you have the nature of your beloved Father. You have the confidence to stand before your dear Father and be fully recognized as a member of the family. You can exercise the abilities of your Father. This is why Scripture says “These things & greater things shall you do…” (John 14v12)

There’s the illustration of the light in a lamp which is ineffective because the wick needs attention, or it is obscured because the glass is smoky. In verse 14 we read of two things that smoke up the glass, and in verses 15 and 16 of five characteristics of the life that is shining for the Lord. How do I shine?

1. By being “blameless” (verse 15) – completely trustworthy both before God and Man.

2. By being pure (verse 15) completely wholesome and sincere in all our ways.

3. By being “without fault” (verse 15) – living in such a way that we do not have to be corrected or chastened by the Lord because of carelessness and because of failure to judge ourselves.

By “holding forth the word of life” (verse 16). This refers to our active witness in preaching the gospel and making known God’s salvation through faith in Christ.