Christmas is not a day to have fun with Santa Claus, trending Christmas cards or decorating your home and doing things to be in the mood to enjoy Christmas tradition. We live in an era where Christmas has become a controversial holiday. But Christianity is about a King and His kingdom. That King is a gift to the world not only to the Jews. He is the King of kings and His name is Jesus.

Text Box: ,Sometimes because of our familiarity with the Christmas narrative we turn to lose its significance. The story of the birth of Christ the King in Bethlehem and the search by the Magi from distant land for the Saviour brings to light key lessons. It is only treasured gift that wise men from distant places will search for. King Herod was threatened for nothing. The Magi did not come to look for King of Judea but King of Jews, a ruler who will shepherd God’s people. His kingship domain surpasses that of Herod! The earth is an extension of God’s domain of ruler-ship. The Bible states that “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, the world and all those who dwell in it” (Psalm 24).

Because this great gift is a King, the wise men came to also to pay homage to (worship) Him. And because we don’t visit a treasured King empty handed, they came with their gifts. The quality of their gifts expresses their deep love for their king and also their level of wisdom. The nature of their gifts also defines Christ’s royalty (gold), priesthood (frankincense) and myrrh an aromatic plant to balm the dead signifying his death. Who He is (King), His role as high priest in the order of Melchizedek (Psalm 110:4) and the death He was born to die were defined in their gifts.

Lastly, the wise men also protected the treasured gift, Jesus. How? They did not listen to the evil counsel of Herod; they took a different route. This is also another sign of wisdom! May we never be used as conduit to fulfil another’s evil intention. Judas did not value the gift but sold Him for 30pieces of silver but the wise men did not.

As we celebrate the birth of this treasured gift that was born to the world to die for us, may these lessons be our guiding post as we journey through life. Merry Christmas!