I remember very well during my days in secondary school, we mostly approached people to talk to them about their worldly lives. Sometimes, some of the answers we got were “everybody is doing it”. Was this true? No.

Elijah had killed 450 Prophets of Baal after he proved to them that his Lord was God. When Jezebel the Queen heard this, she swore to kill Elijah. Out of fear, the man of God fled for his life. Along the way, God spoke to him. Elijah told God that all the people had rejected him and gone after Baal and that he was the only faithful one left. In God’s reply, He told Elijah that he had reserved 7,000 people who had not bowed to Baal or kissed him. That would sound great. When Elijah thought he was the only one serving God faithfully, God told him there were 7,000 more. This means that Elijah was not the only person faithful to God, not all the people were worshipping Baal.

Do not be deceived to believe that everybody is going after the world. “Have fun, everybody is doing it” they say. However, you are not alone in being faithful to God. God has some 7,000 more people who are also faithful to Him. Do not pay attention to them, stay focused, find friends who are part of the 7,000 reserved and associate with them and pray for strength.