Sunday July 3, 2022.

So Far This Week.

Throughout this week, God has spoken to us that He is more

concerned about our service and not our titles.

As a result, some other subtopics that were examined include Jesus our perfect example in service and Service that pleases the Lord. Also, we took a look at our frail superiority complex by examining the topic, who is the Greatest? Additionally, we looked at Service with Integrity and the need to Serve with Pure Motives.

Let us remember that our ability to stand out in the service that we render today will open a great door for us in the near future.

Again, we must not be complacent. We must not let big titles associated with our offices lead us into pride; for God desires service and not titles.

We must also ensure that our motives for getting into leadership are

right with God.

Finally, let us understand that God is the owner of the entire universe. He sees all that we do and hears all that we say. When we serve well, God will surely bless us and great doors will be opened for us. May God bless you and have a fruitful week.

Prayer Guide: Dear Lord, give us a heart to render pure service.

Memory Verse For This Week:

Mark 10:45 (NIV) – “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many”